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Want to save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars each year?

Scurich Insurance Services, CA, MoneyWho doesn’t want to have more green in their bank account?  As the saying goes, “the more the merrier.”  We have compiled a list of all the ways you can save buck-o bucks.  Check it out:

  • Stop your shopping madness!  It’s okay if you miss that sale, there will be others.  No, you really don’t need that third blue sweater that looks just like the others.  Yes, it is possible to go window shopping and leave your green in your bank.  Depending on your shopping habits, you can save thousands each year.
  • Learn to make your own lattes at home.  With all the recipes out there on, I bet bottom dollar that you can learn to make your own homemade lattes.  Not only is it cheaper, but have your friends over for your lattes and you may have a following.  The average latte costs $4.00 and if you get one every day you work, you can see a savings of $18 a week (per month that is $72!).
  • Your car is your baby.  Okay, maybe that is a bit excessive, but still you need to take care of your car.  Oil changes, replace the filters, and rotate your tires will keep your car running without much expense.  However, putting off a simple oil change can cause your car to cost thousands of dollars in repairs.
  • Take care of YOU!  Yes, you!  It is no secret that daily exercise, eating right, and giving yourself a little love boosts your immunity, lowers stress, and gives your overall health a good grade.  On the flip side, not taking care of yourself can cost you hundreds of dollars in deductibles for your doctor’s visits and medications.
  • Easting fast food.  Yes, it too belongs with taking care of YOU.  The medical expenses for eating fast food on a regular basis can become astronomical, but aside from the health stand point, you can save hundreds of dollars each month by brown bagging it.  The average meal costs around $5 which is $20.00 a week.  I’ll let you do the rest of the math for the month.
  • Quit smoking now!  The theme here is take care of yourself!  Both long term and short term costs can be huge.  Not to mention that the average pack of cigarettes rests about $5.00.

Making these adjustments to your lifestyle will save you hundreds and potentially, thousands of dollars.

Content provided by Transformer Marketing.

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4 years ago · by · 1 comment

Clean up tips for Fire/Smoke Damage

Scurich Insurance Services, CA, Fire Clean UpDamage can come in all forms including fire and smoke damage, and water damage.  If you don’t act immediately, you can be faced with additional expenses to fix that damage.  We have compiled a list of tips you can enact when facing such damage.   Today we are going to focus fire and smoke damage.

  • Call a professional.  Some by-products can cause etching which is irreversible fairly quickly.
  • Do not touch anything that has been damaged with your bare hands.  Your hands carry oil which can cause additional damage.
  • Open up the house and air out any smoke damage, if the outside temperature is warm.
  • Do not wash any of the walls that have smoke/fire damage.  The wrong cleaning component can cause more damage.
  • Clean off your Formica, chrome, porcelain or aluminum fixtures to prevent permanent tarnishing.
  • Call a professional to clean up any upholstered furniture and carpets.  Don’t clean them yourself.
  • Keep away from anything and everything electronic until they have been checked out by and cleared by a professional.
  • Replace your air filter on your furnace if you use forced air.
  • If your ceiling is wet, do not use any of the fixtures.
  • Throw away all food packages that have been opened.
  • Any clothing that has been tarnished, send to a professional for cleaning.
  • Clean out the refrigerator and keep the doors open, if the electricity is off.

For more information, please feel to contact our office.

Content provided by Transformer Marketing.

Sources:  Servicemaster

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Insurance claim funnies-Eventually Made The Right Decision

Scurich Insurance Services, CA, Insurance Claims(I work as a claims adjuster for a major insurance company and have made a liability decision on a minor parking lot accident in which both parties told the exact same story. Unfortunately my client was majority at fault, but we would only be paying 60% of the other party’s repairs. I call my customer and leave a message regarding the liability decision and my phone number. He calls me back a short time later.)

Customer: “I can’t believe you did this!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir?”

Customer: “How could you do this without calling me first! You decided I was at fault!”

Me: “Sir, I took a recorded statement from you and from the other party and outlined exactly the kinds of things would factor into the decision.”

Customer: “But you didn’t call me first!”

Me: “I did call you; I took your statement.”

Customer: “But then you made a decision!”

Me: “Sir, it’s my job to make a decision, as you know, and I don’t need your permission or approval to do so.”

Customer: “I know! But I can’t believe you did that!”

Me: “Sir, are you contesting liability? You both told the exact same story and given the facts and damage to both vehicles, you’re both telling the truth. No matter how we look at it, you were backing out and didn’t pay attention to what was behind you.”

Customer: “I know! I agree that’s what happened!”

Me: “Then why are you upset? How can we resolve this?”

Customer: “You made this decision!”

Me: “Sir, I had to make a decision. Again, are you questioning the liability decision? Do you have other information to add?”

Customer: “No!”

Me: “Sir, then please tell me what you want me to say because I simply don’t understand how to resolve this for you.”

Customer: *pauses* “Well, you know what? I’m just mad about the whole thing. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

Me: “Okay…”

Customer: “I’m really sorry. I work in customer service and I hate when people call and yell at me, and that’s what I’m doing to you. You made the right decision, I accept it, and I’m sorry for yelling at you. I just… needed to yell at someone.”

Me: *trying not to laugh* “Well… thank you, then. I can definitely understand that!”

Customer: “Thank you for being so patient with me. I’m really sorry, again, to have yelled at you and hope the rest of your day goes better.”

Me: “Thank you.” *we go on to resolve claim payment and I explain repair procedures, etc.*

Manager: “I heard you talking and picked up to listen in. I didn’t know what he was angry about either!” *laughing* “I’ll put a few notes in file about how you handled the call.”

(A few minutes later, a team leader comes up to my desk.)

Team Leader: “Hey, I just wanted to let you know I just took a call from a guy who said he just yelled at you for no reason. He wanted to make sure your supervisor knows he thinks you’re excellent at your job, you’ve provided great customer service and he’s happy with the outcome of his claim. I’m passing this on to your team leader and manager.”

(I STILL laugh about that call, and think it’s one of the reasons I was promoted shortly afterward. Thank you, sir!)

Content provided by

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