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Who’s watching the Superbowl?

Scurich Insurance Services, CA, FootballThe best defense in the NFL meets the best offense in the NFL this weekend for what is going to be nothing short of an electrifying, on the edge of your seat Superbowl game.  The hype with surrounding whether or not Peyton can play in cold weather (which he proved to everyone he can when he led the Broncos to a 58-21 win over the Titans in 15 degree weather), is adding so much more to this game.

Create your own Supperbowl!

We have all seen them.  The huge party platters in the shape of a football stadium.  We have the recipe here for you.

Denver is on a mission.  Last year, they were knocked out of the race for the Superbowl when the Ravens beat the Broncos in double overtime.  This year, Peyton and Company’s offense boasts more points scored and yards gained than any other team.  In the past, Denver has been to the Superbowl six times and have won twice.

Seattle is looking for retribution.  The last time Pete Carroll led the Seahawks to the Superbowl was in 2005 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  At Ford Field, the Steelers beat the Seahawks 21-10.  To this day, calls the referees made that day were nothing short of questionable and may have cost the Seahawks the game.   This will be the second appearance for Seattle at the Superbowl.

The match up:

Scurich Insurance Services, CA, Match up

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We’re in a state of drought

Scurich Insurance Services, CA, DroughtLast week Governor Jerry Brown declared California is in a drought.  A drought simply stated is a shortage of precipitation, whether it comes from rain or snow.  There just simply isn’t any moisture in our lands.  Problems that can stem from a drought can become catastrophic.   Withered crops, high fire dangers, water shortages and livestock dying are just a few of the effects that a drought has on our land.   Unemployment is another effect that a drought will bring.  The loss of crops means no employment.  In 2009,  about 10,000 people lost their job due to the drought.

According to Brown, who was in San Francisco last week, “The drought accentuates and further displays the conflicts between north and south and between urban and rural parts of the state. So, as governor, I’ll be doing my part to bring people together and working through this.”

During this dry season, the rest of us need to be diligent as well.  Conserve as much water as we can, including washing dishes all at once, don’t light fires when you’re camping and use only propane stoves.  Right now, California is in danger of becoming a matchbox just waiting for the match to strike.

According to 58 year old Kevin Kester, “I am a fifth-generation cattle rancher, and it has never been this bad ever in my lifetime — and from my family’s history, it’s never been anywhere close to this bad ever.”   The last drought that was comparable to the one we’re in now, according to his family’s history was in the 1890’s.

Contact us today for a quote for your agribusiness.

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12 Reasons to Embrace the Chaos in 2014

Scurich Insurance Services, CA, Chaos“What’s the point?” I sometimes ask myself. It’s such an uncertain world out there. I mean, “It all looks so bleak. Why should I even bother to try to move forward in life or my career? Why should I try to improve my circumstances when I don’t think it will lead to anywhere? Why should I try anything in this crazy, uncertain, unpredictable and difficult environment?”

Over the last few years as I have worked through trying to deal with uncertainty of life, the unpredictability of a career, chaos at work and the complex nature of things, I have come to some realizations that have helped me to keep going and move forward in life.

For me, embrace the chaos means: to accept the uncertainty of life and move forward anyway! Take action despite not knowing how things will turn out. To stop over-thinking, stop over-analyzing, stop trying to predict. To go ahead, take action, move forward in life, move forward in a new career, take new action, start a new business, get into a new relationship and stop over thinking whether or not it will work.

But self-doubt arises in all of us. No matter how strong we might be, the question of WHY always comes up:

Why should I embrace the chaos? Here are my own reasons to get unstuck and move forward in life…

12 Reasons to Embrace the Chaos Next Year!

1. Accepting the chaos of life is better than trying to fight it

Life has always been in unpredictable and full of uncertainty. We just didn’t realize it. Accept it. Don’t fight it. Accepting the reality of our world today is the most important way to learn to live in it. Let go of your ego. Let go of trying to force order and perfection to an imperfect life full of ups and downs and uncertainty. Often, stress, anxiety and tension occurs when you fight hard to change something you cannot change. You can’t control the chaos. You can only change you… your thoughts and your actions. And that’s really good news… to focus on what you CAN control… you!

2. You cannot predict the future

Uncertainty about how things will turn out tomorrow holds a lot of us back from pursuing our life ambitions, relationships or business ideas. We waste so much time trying to make sure the path we take is the “right one,” when the reality is that there is no right path… just the one you’re on! No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. That’s a good thing in some respects because the walls around us are malleable and move constantly. You and I have just as good a shot as anyone at success and happiness. Stop trying to figure out the future and CREATE moments by working towards your purpose in the here and now. This moment right now is the only one you can be certain of.

3. You will feel better doing than not doing

Taking a step forward in any direction makes you feel like you have some level of control of your life. When you take action, you stop over thinking and get less anxious because in some sense, you are creating your own future in the here and now. You get a rush when you’re consumed with activity geared towards pursuing a goal, irrespective of how tough the goal. You feel like you’re in charge again because you are… of your thoughts and your actions. The positive energy generated by movement of hands and body in forward motion towards the pursuit of a higher purpose, a life-long trip, a business goal or to raise a child, is often what keeps us energetic, youthful and feel alive.

4. One thing always leads to another

Like a stone thrown into a pond of water, somehow one tiny little step forward puts in motion other pieces, rippling away, leading you to places, people and opportunities that you can never have imagined. You didn’t get to where you are right now by your perfectly laid out plans years ago. So many of us arrived where we are through the zig zag motion of life, through stepping stones that were laid out all over the place. Some of the greatest things in your life right now, came to you by chance, randomness and luck.

5. You will become a better person… faster, stronger, leaner and sharper

The mind is a muscle and like any muscle sometimes the mind needs resistance and tension to grow and develop as much as it needs nourishment and positive energy. Use the chaos of life to learn and develop. Adversity forces you to dig down deep inside to make you rediscover your inner strength or to fire synapsis in your brain that create new learnings. Moving forward in uncertainty forces the potential energy that is already within you to come out.

6. You are resilient and know how to adapt

You don’t know what real strength lies within unless you’re put in a situation that forces you to bring it out. You have an innate ability deep within to adapt and improvise to our new environment. You can handle it because your DNA has gone through a history of difficult times and has progressed ever since. As human beings, we have this awesome ability to persevere in really difficult times with nothing more than what you’ve been given: an able body and a strong mind. The resiliency inside all of is dormant but kicks in when you move forward in life.

7. You are meant for bigger things

Within each of us lies a potential for great things. Think about the possibility of becoming who you really want to become… a better parent, a more successful business person who creates jobs for many, a better spouse or partner or simply contribute more to society. This great person will never be realized unless you take steps to move forward in life and do something different… to accept the chaos and move forward anyway. All of us are meant to create positive impact to all those around us, in our own unique way.

Read the entire article here.

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Workers compensation insurance pricing still rising in California

Scurich Insurance Services, CA, Workers CompensationPricing for workers compensation insurance continued to harden in California during the first half of 2013, according to a report published Wednesday by SNL Financial L.C.

California’s 10 largest workers compensation insurers by premium volume, which account for roughly 60% of the state’s marketplace, increased their rates an average of 4.3% during the first half of the year, based on filings for new business effective between Jan. 1 and July 1, according to SNL Financial’s report.

Excluding a 7% decrease filed in March by the State Compensation Insurance Fund, which is the state’s largest workers comp insurer, the average rate increase among California’s market leaders through July 1 was 5.9%. Within that group, the largest rate increases belonged to American International Group Inc. and Liberty Mutual Holding Co. Inc., which submitted rate hikes of 10.0% and 10.9%, respectively.

Statewide, rates for new workers compensation accounts were at their highest in February, when insurers in California filed average rate increases of 9.8% on $1.1 billion in premiums written, according to SNL Financial’s report.

At least 20 insurers in California included in SNL Financial’s analysis filed rate increases of 15% or more for new business in the first half of the year. Seven firms — including units of Liberty Mutual, CNA Financial Corp. and Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. — filed rate increases of 20% or more, while units of Hanover Insurance Group Inc. and American Financial Group Inc. filed rate increases in excess of 30%.

Few decreased rates

Only a handful of companies included in SNL Financial’s analysis reported rate decreases in the first half of 2013. Among them was Federated Rural Electric Insurance Exchange, Church Mutual Insurance Co. and units of Nationwide and Utica National Insurance Group.

California’s workers comp market has been particularly bothersome for Tower Group International Ltd., SNL Financial said in the report.

Tower Group cited market conditions in California, where roughly 44% of the company’s workers compensation premiums are written, as one key driver behind the $326.7 million reserve charge it reported in its second-quarter earnings statement. Several of the company’s operating units in March were granted rate hikes of 6.2% for new business in California, and one unit — Preserver Insurance Co. — filed a rate increase of 17.1%.

Read the entire article here.

Contact Scurich Insurance Services today at 831-722-3541 to find out how we can assist you with all of your business insurance needs including workers compensation.

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