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5 months ago · by · 0 comments

Super Bowl Party? Considerations Before Serving Alcohol to Party Guests

Are you having a Super Bowl party – perhaps hoping to watch the 9ers win in Vegas this Sunday? What responsibilities do you have, though, if you serve alcohol?

You’re Responsible

If one of your guests drinks and injures someone or causes an accident during or after the party, you could be responsible thanks to social host laws that vary between states. Understand your state’s laws and be prepared to serve alcohol responsibly because your intoxicated guests’ actions could become your liability.

Protect Your Assets

Your home, bank accounts and paychecks are at risk if you’re found liable for an intoxicated guests’ actions. Lawsuits could run into the millions of dollars, especially if someone is seriously injured/killed. Protect your assets when you:

  • Stay sober
  • Limit drinks
  • Don’t play drinking games
  • Say no when someone’s had enough
  • Designate a driver to take guests home, call a taxi or let guests crash at your house until they’re sober

Never Serve Alcohol to Minors

Every state and even municipalities within a state enforce different laws about serving alcohol to minors. However, you’ll stay on the right side of the law if you don’t serve alcohol to minors during your backyard parties or leave alcohol available during parties your kids might host when you’re not home. Doing so could get you fined or jailed.

All Home Insurance Policies are not Created Equal

Home insurance policies can include social hosting liability that you’ll need if you serve alcohol to party guests. Review your policy today and make sure it includes adequate social hosting liability coverage. If it doesn’t, discuss your options with your agent or shop around for a policy that will protect you and your assets.

Know the facts so that you can protect yourself and your guests. Be sure to review your homeowners insurance policy, too, as you maximize your coverage and prepare to have a fun and safe celebration.

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National Hug Day Instantly Improves Physical and Mental Health

Whether you’re a hugger by nature or prefer not to be touched, your physical and mental health benefit when you celebrate National Hug Day, held annually on January 21. Give a few hugs this day and every day as you improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Increase Oxygen Flow

Touch increases your body’s hemoglobin, and it carries oxygen to all your body’s organs. With oxygen, your body’s able to fight diseases as it recovers from illness.

Reduce Physical Pain

UCLA Pain Control unit’s Dr. David Bresler see the need for physical touch. He prescribes bear hugs four times a day as part of his patients’ pain management treatment plan. To give and receive a bear hug and reduce your physical pain, he suggests you face your partner and use both of your arms to fully embrace him or her.

Improve Mental Health

Hugging releases oxytocin, an important hormone that affects your mental health and wellbeing. With it, you feel happier and less anxious.

Reduce Stress

A study performed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researched the responses of 50 people after a stressful event. Part of the group held hands and hugged for 20 seconds while the rest of the participants sat quietly and did not touch. When asked to recall a recent stressful event, the cuddlers experienced lower heart rates and blood pressure readings then the non-cuddlers. You, too, will enjoy reduced stress when you hug.

Sleep Better

Instead of fighting insomnia or relying on sleeping pills, participate in a few hugs every day. They relax your body and your emotions so that you can enjoy a better night’s sleep.

Live Longer

Hugging stimulates your skin’s nerve endings, which allows them to signal your brain to slow cortisol release. It’s a hormone that fights stress, builds your immune system, reduces inflammation and assists you in living longer.

Hugs do more than show affection. They also improve your physical and mental health. Implement them into your daily routine on National Hug Day, and talk to your doctor about additional ways you can be healthy and whole.

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Seven Healthy Workday Snacks That Promote New Year Weight Loss

If your New Year’s resolution includes losing weight, stress and busyness at work can quickly put a wrench in your well-meaning plans. You need a few healthy snacks that satisfy hunger without sabotaging your resolution.

  1. Apples

Eat three crunchy and nutritious apples a day to lose weight. That’s because they’re loaded with fiber that helps you feel full. Whether you eat them whole or dip slices in peanut butter, you’ll want to carry at least one apple to work every day.

  1. Nuts

Enjoy a handful of nuts during snack time, and you’ll eat less during meal time. Almonds, walnuts, pecans and peanuts are all high in fiber, protein, unsaturated fats and other important vitamins. Plus, they’re easy to store in your desk or briefcase.

  1. Yogurt

Traditional or Greek yogurt stands out as a weight loss food. Pack your favorite flavor in a portable cooler to indulge in a calcium-rich snack at your desk.

  1. Eggs

Hard boiled eggs taste delicious alone or with a little salt or cheese. Store these protein-packed snacks in your portable cooler to enjoy when you’re feeling hungry.

  1. Tuna

Versatile tuna tastes delicious straight out of the can or bag, and it’s high in protein and omega-3. Stock tuna, a few crackers and a fork in your desk to enjoy the next time you feel hungry.

  1. Hummus

Made from chickpeas, hummus contains protein and no saturated fats. Spread it on vegetables or whole grain crackers for a healthy and delicious snack.

  1. Dark Chocolate

That’s right, dark chocolate features beneficial antioxidants and several nutrients like fiber, manganese, copper, iron and magnesium. A few squares satisfies your hunger and feels like a fun indulgence.

With these seven snacks, you eat your way to a healthier you. You also keep your New Year’s weight loss resolution. Talk to your doctor and health insurance company for more tips on how the right snacks help you stay healthy this year.



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Insurance Tips That Protect All the Priceless Holiday Presents You Receive

Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us here at Scurich Insurance Services. 🙂

Whether you received valuable collectibles or heirloom jewelry, you’ll want to insure these holiday presents. Your homeowners or renters insurance policy may provide coverage for some of your new items, but anything above the existing coverage limit requires a personal articles floater. Consider specific gifts that you’ll want to insure this year.

Jewelry: Your homeowners insurance policy should cover jewelry valued at less than $2,000. However, appraised jewelry that’s more valuable will require a floater.

Furs: From a real fur jacket to a fake fur-trimmed hat, add any furs you receive to your homeowners insurance policy.

Fine Art: Paintings, sculptures, rare books, manuscripts, ornamental collectibles, glasses and antique furniture fall under the fine art category. Record these items and their value on an itemized schedule attached to your insurance policy.

Electronics: Laptops, cameras, TVs and other electronic devices, plus telescopes, video recording equipment and films, are typically included in your existing homeowners or renters insurance policy. If these items are high-end, consider a floater.

Coins or Stamps: Depending on their value, you’ll want to add a floater for new coins or stamps in your collection.

Musical Instruments: List any musical instruments, including sound equipment, on a floater.

China, Crystal or Silverware: List these items on a schedule and include the insurance coverage amount.

Guns: List and describe each gun on a schedule. Include the value.

Sporting Goods: Bicycles, golf equipment, guns and other sporting goods fall under your existing insurance policy unless they’re collectible, rare or expensive.

Tools: Insured under your homeowners or renters policy, your new tools won’t need a floater unless they exceed the value of your existing coverage.

As with everything in your home inventory, record a detailed description, serial number, purchase date, value and picture of your new holiday presents. Store copies of this information with your insurance policy in a fireproof safe and in a secure location other than your home.

Go ahead and enjoy your new holiday presents. Just remember to check with your insurance agent to be sure they’re covered.

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Safety Tips for Your Indoor and Outdoor Holiday Lights

Christmas isn’t the same without lights. Strands of sparkling lights can be hazardous, though, if you forget to follow safety tips as you hang, plug in, store and enjoy these holiday essentials.

Buy lights that are safety tested. Lights without an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) tag may be unsafe to plug in and use.

Inspect lights and plug them in before hanging them. This visual assessment exposes fire hazards like cracked, loose or broken bulbs and frayed, chewed or broken cords. It also lets you replace burnt out bulbs and ensure all the bulbs are the same wattage. After repairing any problems, plug in the lights to ensure the bulbs work and the strands work properly.

Separate indoor and outdoor lights. Strands designed for indoor use should not be hung outdoors because their thin insulation is easily damaged when exposed to cold, wet outdoor conditions.

Hang lights with insulated hooks. Staples, tacks or nails can pierce the strands and cause dangerous electrical shorts and increase the fire risk.

Use extension cords properly. Plug no more than three strands of lights into each extension cord, lay rather than coil extension cords and use only outdoor certified extension cords for your outdoor lights. If the cords feel hot, unplug the lights for a while to reduce fire risk.

Turn off lights before you go to bed or leave the house. Otherwise, the hot lights could start a fire, and you will be asleep or away from home and unable to intervene.

Water the tree regularly. A dry tree and hot lights are an unsafe combination.

Store lights properly to prevent damage and simplify decorating next year. Instead of stuffing them in a box, carefully wind the light strands, secure them with twist ties and store them in plastic bags. Alternatively, wrap the strands around a paper towel tube and thread the ends through the tube’s hollow center.

Hanging lights is a fun and festive holiday tradition. With these safety tips, you have peace of mind as you enjoy your sparkling home all season.

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Prep for Holiday Visitors – Review Your Home Insurance Policy

With the upcoming holidays, your house is going to be filled with guests. Is your pantry filled and your bathroom clean? Even more importantly, update your home insurance policy as you prepare to welcome guests to your home for the holidays.

What Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

Most homeowners buy insurance to cover property damages from storms or accidents. It also covers personal property that’s lost, damaged or stolen. Plus, homeowner’s insurance pays for medical treatment or lawsuits associated with injuries people sustain while visiting you.

Make Sure you Have Enough Liability Coverage

You don’t expect accidents to happen in your house, but a visitor could trip over frayed carpet, get food poisoning or fall off the backyard trampoline. Or maybe the traditional Thanksgiving day football game gets rough, and your cousin’s expensive watch breaks, a seasonal storm blows a branch on your friend’s vehicle or the toilet overflows on your uncle’s expensive leather shoes. These injuries and damages are all examples of accidents that liability insurance covers.

Increase Your Coverage Limit

To ensure you have enough liability coverage, check out your policy and talk to your insurance agent. Most policies include a liability coverage limit of $100,000, but you should consider increasing that limit to $300,000 or even $500,000. An accident that affects more than one guest could quickly use up that coverage and leave you with a big bill. The increased coverage limit ensures everyone can receive medical treatment, and it reduces your out-of-pocket expenses if you’re sued.

Buy an Umbrella Policy

An umbrella policy is another insurance product to consider. It adds additional coverage that could be very beneficial as you entertain guests this holiday season.

Because you plan to host holiday guests this year, do more than stock the pantry and clean the bathroom. Update your homeowner’s insurance policy. It gives you peace of mind and prepares you for anything that might happen.

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